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Over Grown Wisteria tree or treeS?

Marissaspirito78Marissaspirito78 Posts: 2
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Last August we bought a house and after talking with one of my new neighbors who is a gardening lover she educated me a little bit in the types of trees I have on my property.  One is a beautiful purple Wisteria.  Unsure as to the number of Wisteria trees I have however they have not been maintained in YEARS.  I’m gonna guess at the very least 10-15 Year’s.  After doing a little bit of research on it I am still stumped (for lack of a better word) as to how to clean up this monstrosity of a mess I have going on. I don’t have a “green thumb” but willing to learn to give this beautiful tree a long healthy life. Here are some photos of what I am dealing with. I was also wondering if I am able to train it to go away from the street towards the opposite direction so that I can enjoy them more so in my yard than over the street.  


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