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Will these slug-eaten Dahlias survive?

The slugs have feasted on my favourite Sarah Raven Dahlias so that some are practically not existent - I’m so angry!!!. I have some organic slug pellets (safe for other creatures) on the way but any idea if these will recover or should I get some more? I don’t really want to spend another small fortune on Dahlias :(

Any advice would be gratefully received.


  • AlchemistAlchemist Posts: 273
    Last year my Dahlia’s were eaten to bare twigs. However they did recover wth slug pellets. This year I have decided not to plant them at least till they are a feet or more to avoid last years misery. Think yours should be okay as longs as the assault doesn’t continue. 
  • Kelly39Kelly39 Posts: 14
    Thanks @Alchemist Will be putting the pellets down today 🤞

    Did make another cheeky Sarah Raven order but the Nicholas is just stunning. The heads are huge! X
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