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Birds and plant food

Hi All,

The little house sparrows must be impressed with how much my rose shrubs grew this spring as I've noticed a few playing around them lots the last couple of week! It looks like they might be having a peck at the odd aphid but encase they are picking at the soil for a snack, I use MiracleGrow soluble blue powder to feed all my plants! Is this ok for the birds (absolutely no mention of pet of wildlife safety on the box!) 
Thanks in advance!
While on the subject, all roses are treated with ROSE CLEAR GUN every now and again would you recommend I avoid using? 


  • Pete.8Pete.8 Billericay, EssexPosts: 9,854
    You need not worry about Miracle Grow and birds - that's fine to use.
    If you feel you need to use Rose Clear, then only use it at dusk when most (but certainly not all) beneficial bugs are getting ready for bed.

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  • ZenjeffZenjeff Newcastle Upon Tyne Posts: 641
    Use organic fertilisers miracle grow is chemical I wouldn’t use or anything manufactured by them
  • Char74016Char74016 Posts: 78
    Thanks for the tip re treating at night Pete!

    Unfortunately Zenjeff, I have a very small yard that's concreted throughout so have to stick to pot planting, and it's just not convenient to have bags of horse poo and the likes hanging around 😂 
    I must say, I was concerned there was no mention of wildlife safety on the box, but as I understand, these kind of foods just even out the soil's PH to 'good enough for most plants'?

    I'm only an experimental gardener but recently started using the miraclegrow as am trying out potting in coir this year (again just due to space + storage reasons!) but realised this doesnt have the food beads or anything mixed in as the bags of compost I would usually buy would.. tips are always greatly appreciated 😊 !
  • ZenjeffZenjeff Newcastle Upon Tyne Posts: 641
    Hi there there are lots of organic liquid fertilisers on the market I use this for example and a liquid seaweed combination works wonders

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