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Artificial lawn and subsequent soil issues



  • Thanks folks.

    The AG was lifted a week or two back and the soil turned over, raked etc.  I was just a bit concerned as I saw no worms when doing this; that and the dusty appearance the surface had taken on (Kinda forgot a week of sun has that effect!) got me worried. Think I may have been unduly concerned. :smile:

    I broke the surface and the soil below was still retaining moisture so I reckon that's an indicator of it being fine. The chicken poo pellets were already purchased so I raked the ground over after breaking it up a little, scattered the pellets, tramped it all down, gave it another light rake and added top soil, which I raked level and tramped down before giving that another wee scattering of pellets and another light rake.  It should be fine. 

    I'll maybe give it a little dusting of bone meal, as suggested, a week or so before I seed in late August. 

    It is so tempting to fire the grass seed down now, gonna have to be patient though. 
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