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Lawn Issues

I have been battling a lawn for a few years now, its slowly getting in shape, but there is a lot of work needed still.

From far back, you might think it looks not too bad, but when you walk around it and look closely there are issues that need sorting.

Would really appreciate any advice.

So far this year I have done a light scarifying with my machine, a light pass over, which removed a stuffed bin, full of moss and thatch.

I have fed the lawn a bit of compost and worked that in.  I have then applied a couple of servings of miracle gro lawn feed, water soluble.  I have two lush green stripes which to me look good, but the tricky part is getting all of the lawn to look like this!

Below I will post the issues I see, what do I need to do?


^ thin area, which looks like it has more thatch wanting to be teased out - spring tine rake it each week maybe?

^ Some weeds here and there, only in a few small areas.

What should my action plan be?


  • Fire LilyFire Lily Posts: 296
    Do you pee? ;) Mix one part urine and 9 parts water and water it with it. Urine truly makes grass grow. 
  • Fire LilyFire Lily Posts: 296
    And don't cut it so short, i cut mine at 5 cm. The grass needs to be longer so the can withstand droughts and benefit from the sunlight. 
  • wild edgeswild edges Posts: 9,066
    Zappa said:

    What should my action plan be?
    Let it grow 2 feet long then lie in it on a sunny day and enjoy the sound of the grasshoppers.

    I find those 2 dark green stripes very odd. Any idea what's under the lawn to cause that?
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  • ZappaZappa Posts: 17
    I am thinking my spreader isn't spreading properly, or I walked up and down the same lane twice haha..

    How often can i use my spring tine rake to tease out thatch?

    For some of the bare parts I can barely see soil its mainly thatch! 
  • Dave HumbyDave Humby Posts: 1,142
    Personally I'd wait now until the autumn before doing much more lawn renovation. Higher temps and dry spells are not the time to be stressing the lawn too much. You could get on and spray the weeds if you want rid with something like Verdone Extra. 

    If the thatch is really bad it probably wants scarifying which is more aggressive than a raking and looks like it could do with hollow-tine aerating also but I would leave both of those till early autumn. Hollow-tining should help with the moss but areas of shade and damp through the winter will always be susceptible. You could overseed and top dress after the scarifying / hollow-tining and that would help recover and thicken the lawn. 
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