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New garden - shrubs ID please

Kia-MenaKia-Mena Posts: 16
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We have very recently bought a new house and the garden is springing to life. Some of the plants/shrubs I have been able to identify but every day I find more that I'm not sure of. Please can you help with these three? I expect there will be many more over the next few weeks ...


  • TreePoppyTreePoppy Posts: 17
    Looks like an Azalea/ Rhododenron -will be in flower now and then shortly green until next year.  Loves acid soil, so heathers and pieris will grow well in your garden.
  • TreePoppyTreePoppy Posts: 17
    Also Meconopsis Poppy is a highly desirable for your soil conditions- give it some shade though as likes moist soil!
  • LG_LG_ Posts: 4,107
    The top one is a honeysuckle (Lonicera).
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  • TreePoppyTreePoppy Posts: 17
    Photo 1 is honeysuckle, 2 is Cytisus (Broom) and 3 is the Azalea
  • TreePoppyTreePoppy Posts: 17
    You can trim the first 2 after flowering to tidy up to a good shape or if spilling over other plants.  I would leave the Azalea unpruned.
  • Kia-MenaKia-Mena Posts: 16
    Thank you, TreePoppy, I thought the first one was honeysuckle and the last one an azelia but had no idea about the broom. The soil ph obviously suits acid loving plants as there are several large, healthy rhododendrons dotted about the borders. I will try some Meconopsis poppy in the shaded area around the wildlife pond 😊
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