what sex are your plants ?

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As a confirmed chatterbox I talk to all my plants . I noticed this morning That I refer to the cabbages as lads and the beans as lady's . The peas are boys and girls . The dahlias as boys. Not sure why I refer to some things as male and some female. Dahlias are so pretty but definitely boys. Does anybody else talk to their plants and refer to certain items as one sex or another?


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    I talk to my plants all the time but I don't think I assign them a gender. Mostly I just refer to them as "you", usually in a derogatory tone....
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    If a plant has a name then I call it boy or girl accordingly - eg roses like Geoff Hamilton and Jacqueline Duprè.  Otherwise I don't refer to gender usually except when whatting in French which does assign gender to plants.  Hostas are male, roses and many trees are male but daisies, wisteria and clematis are female.

    I bought a lovely pistachio shrub, just for fun, at a plant fair last year and then googled for cultivation info and learned they have male and female plants.  Now to wait a year or two to sex this one and find another so I get nuts.
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  • There is a variety of Holly called Golden King, which is female, and another called Silver Queen, which is male. I suspect it is someone having a larf.
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    Singing 🎶 gardener 🌅 Don't you tell them how well they are doing or what a good job . So sad 😢 not to get praise when you work so hard growing🌻 for you.
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    You're probably right, nin! I'm like a lot of people in charge and much more likely to vocalise my criticism than my praise. I'll try to change my ways....
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    Singing 🎶 gardener my mid years resolution a few years ago was to say thankyou so much, or thankyou that's so kind ,not just thanks when I am in shops etc . I tend to be , so I have been told a bit stern or intimidating so I make the extra effort. As it is i do not go out often or see people other than family as honestly face to face all people scare me. Even over the internet its hard and I worry I may offend etc. My friends are my dog 🐶. Wilson known as Willy and my plants. Maybe i should change my username to happy hermit 😊
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    I tend to say things like 'right everybody' and 'come on you lot'. I'll listen closer next time I'm talking and see if I have boys or girls.
    Obes if you do get nuts you know what that makes you!!! 
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    I once met a lady whose first name was Coriander.  It was a family tradition to name children after herbs and spices.
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    Fine herbs are lady's except parsley he is a lion.
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    And Dill is a (male) dog, surely.

    Snails, of course, are male and called Brian.
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