Am I being kind to weeds or are they plants

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I have a new Poundland near me and this winter/spring picked up random packets of bulbs seeds and corms. I weed my pots and beds regularly as birds tend to deposit random seeds as they eat on my fence and I bought bad topsoil to fill raised beds that I made which led to a huge influx of weeds. Now I have plants growing and leaves poking out and I’m afraid to weed them as I did this to my spring bulbs when I was first a home and garden owner and my irises never have come back they’ve been blind every year since with pokey leaves but no flower. My fingers are crossed for a bloom
this year. So my question is am I minding weeds carefully or am I the owner of plants. I usually know the name of every plant in my garden so the randomness of this is frustrating 
pic 1 is from a raised bed. It’s a delicate trailing plant that popped up where my delphinium should be coming but slugs destroyed it (ignore the allium
leaves around it) 
I thought pic 2 were doc leaves! Massive leaves growing where birds often sit  so could be a seed that became a weed. Also is the frond like leaf at the back right poking out a weed too it never comes to anything anymore but think I’ve seen it elsewhere with pink flowers)
pic 3 is the weed I’m always picking which brings me to the last 2 pictures - I almost picked them as weeds today in huge shock at how big the so allied weed had been allowed to become in a pot off my patio but I think I planted sunflowers there and have a vague recollection that sunflower leaves are quite weed like! Any ideas what it could be?!
finally, I bought a fantastic clematis only for it to be eaten down to nothing by slugs, I picked the root ball up and put it in a pot, will this have any chance of recovery? If only I could convince the birds to swap seeds for slugs I wouldn’t be half as confused about my garden! 
Thanks in advance for any assistance!!


  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 12,427
    Looks like speedwell, dock and willowherbs. All weeds.
    It's not a mess, it's a nature reserve.
  • wild edgeswild edges The north west of south east WalesPosts: 1,613
    Pic 2 is curled dock so yes pull that one out and make sure to get the deep root with it. Try not to disturb the lupins when you do though.
  • loliloli Posts: 40
    Thanks, as I expected but hoped not! The lupins are only just gone in there as they were being eaten alive where they originally were so shouldn’t Be too hard to get the dock out. 
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