Peas, removing flowers?

daiboydaiboy Posts: 33
Sorry about this but this is my first attempt at growing veg. I have some peas planted and they seem to be doing well but there seems to be flowers forming and I would assume this is a bad thing so early on as the peas are only about a foot tall. I have included a picture. Should I remove the flower? Any advice would be most welcome.


  • FritillaryFritillary WiltshirePosts: 411
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     They are broad beans, do not remove the flowers. They will carry on growing taller as the flowers and pods develop. You would not remove the flowers from peas either. :)
  • daiboydaiboy Posts: 33
    There you go. I thought they were peas! Hahaha....
  • David Matthews2David Matthews2 Posts: 463
    Daiboy: Those broad beans look pretty healthy to me. Might be an idea to put loose loops of soft jute string around the stems nearest to the canes for extra support (when the pods form they're quite heavy.) Evening spraying with cold water helps any bean/ pea flowers to set. Good luck, & happy eating!!
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