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Moving big plants now

GrassyKnollGrassyKnoll Posts: 95
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I have 3 plants that I want to move. I should have done this when they were dormant but didn't get chance. What will really happen to them if I move them now?

 A weeping cherry. This is about 5 feet tall. It's blossoming just now but is right next to a leilandi hedge so never fruits and looks rub.

 A rhodedendron. Barely flowers where it is and to be honest I don't like them anyway. The wife likes it so I might just put this in a big pot. No flowers. Only ever had 2 flowers in 3 years.

 A buddleia. I cut this down to about 2 feet high in the winter. It always does well where it is, but it's just in the wrong place. I want to put this where the rhodedendron is right now. I would like to move this before it really flowers, but I get a lot of butterflies on it so don't want to lose it for the summer.


  • nutcutletnutcutlet Posts: 27,312
    I wouldn't do that, but if you really don't like the rhodo, digging it up and potting it might be just the right thing to do

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  • GrassyKnollGrassyKnoll Posts: 95
    I've been in this house for 3 years. They were all there when I moved. Could be 15 years .

    If the cherry tree is likely to struggle this year but should recover, then I'll move it. If it's going to cop it then I'll wait. That is the most urgent one I think.

  • UpNorthUpNorth Posts: 376
    cherry tree....they do look a bit weedy when young, but are great when matured...give it a chance....if you move it...

    -when blossom is out, but not much leaf yet?????  do it NOW, before leaf grows much.
    -if fully leafed out..ordinarily (other trees/shurbs) you'd chop off a third of foliage when doing this......but not a cherry i think you'd ruin it.
    -take as much soil/root as you can feasibly lift/pot up
    -choose a cool period, not blazing sun.  if that means evenings so be it
    -water the tree in situ several hours before lifting.  this ensures it's as hydrated as it can be ( annoyingly it makes your soil and lift heavier)
    -when you transplant/pot....ensure it has plenty of water retaining soil/mix but well drained too.....and water like crazy.

    no experience of moving rhodys but they are so SLOW might have very mature root system....can't really add anything in this regard.
  • raisingirlraisingirl Posts: 6,912
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    water water water water.

    Water before you move it, keep it well watered if it's out of the ground for any length of time. Take as much soil as you possibly can manage with it to minimise the disturbance to the roots and keep that soil damp. Water it really well when it's in it's new position and keep watering it all summer and into autumn until it's leaves drop. 
    Two things will kill it - breaking the tap root (the thickest one) and letting the roots dry out.
    It's also better if you move it when it doesn't have leaves because the leaves are how it transpires - loses water - so the more leaves it has, the more work the roots have to do. That's why it's much better to move deciduous trees in winter - no leaves. But if you do it now, and you probably can, keep it watered
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  • GrassyKnollGrassyKnoll Posts: 95
    Thank you. Gives me something to think about .
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