Rhubarb leaf rust

peter534peter534 BelfastPosts: 7
Hi there,
I planted two rhubarb crowns earlier in the year, and whilst they have grown quickly, one has developed what looks like rust. The other has a slight sign of it on one leaf.
Reading up on it, it's suggested to remove infected leaves, but as it only has two leaves, will this mean it will die?
Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


  • peter534peter534 BelfastPosts: 7
    ..looking at my post again, I didn't make it very clear about what I was asking. I should have asked whether I need to remove the entire crown, or remove both leaves, and hope that any future ones are rust-free. Grateful for any advice.
  • Blue OnionBlue Onion Posts: 1,779
    I'm not sure it is rust.. it looks more like wind burn and cold growing temperatures when it put out the leaf.  I would leave it on, especially as you only have two on the plant.

    I'm not certain through.. hopefully someone will give you more accurate advice. 
    Utah, USA.
  • peter534peter534 BelfastPosts: 7
    Thanks for the reply. The site is quite exposed, although sunny. That said, we did have some very low temperatures in Feb/April. I'll maybe leave it in a while longer and see if it spreads. Thanks again.
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