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Sowing Clover Seed into a poor unsustainable lawn ?

OffshoreOffshore Posts: 14
Is it a good idea to deliberately sow clover seed into a poor unsustaining lawn?

I think I am a reasonable gardener, but have struggled to establish a new lawn at the house I purchased 4 years ago. I purchased the more expensive fine lawn seed, but it seems to end up every year as a light thatch with a sparse covering of fine grass blades. Raking to remove thatch , weedkiller, overseeding and artificial fertiliser fails to improve the lawn significantly from one year to the next.

Could anybody suggest if a specific variey of clover or other plant could provide a greener, more sustainable lawn , on a site which seems unsuited to a high maintenance lawn. I would much prefer to be organic anyway.

I have an idea clover is regarded as a weed in a lawn; but the clover in my parents lawn seems to do nothing more than providing a pleasant green infill !



  • B3B3 Posts: 27,289
    I don't know about sowing it, mine just arrived.
    It occurred to me today as I was fossicking about , that I prefer it. It's flatter and greener than grass - especially in the summer.
    But watch where you tread, bees and wasps like it too.
    In London. Keen but lazy.
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