Green Tulips

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I have green tulips in my garden. I planted tulips of various colours but some have come up green. One would have been a surprise but I now have 14. they have a thicker petal than the other tulips and have a rim of pink at the tip. I have been gardening for over 50 years and never seen anything like them. Are they a proper tulip? One I would have said was a malformation but to have 14 seems a lot considering the rest of the tulips are perfect blooms.


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    Green tulips do exist.

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    There are lots of 'viridiflora' varieties of tulips ... take a look here and see if you can see any like yours 

    Presumably one of the packs you bought had been mislabelled.  
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    Nothing there to resemble them.
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    Can we see a photo of yours please  :)
    “I will honour Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year.” ~Charles Dickens

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    A friend gave me some cabbage tulips, which I duly planted, because he gave me them. They came up a bit like the below. Totally green. I peaked inside the buds and they were all green inside too to start with. Then over about a month they opened in mad gold and red stripes.

    They look very odd. Not my kind of thing at all, but striking and new to me. I had no idea they were a thing. I'm glad I have them. They look like a kids' magic experiment, like growing crystals in your kitchen or making slime with bicarb and glitter.

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    They still don't look the same
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    Can we see your seeds please Alex? 
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    These are  the three stages of growth.
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