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Hi, i am at my wits end with poo in the garden, i am an organic gardener and dont use weedkillers or slug pellets etc, and always remove the poo with a poop scoop.  However, i am in the middle of moving strawberries from a raised bed and have as im sifting and mixing up the soil im finding lighter coloured clumps and i dont know if its poo from being buried over winter or just the soil clumping, i want to grow veg in the bed but dont know what to do with the soil now, is it safe? Is it poo? Should i replace it? Please help!


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    If it's been there all winter then it's probably OK but I'd get out as much as you sensibly can. Wash your hands and your veg carefully and use a water scarecrow or the like if you can to keep the cats off your raised beds in future.

    If you can afford it, and if there's space in the raised beds, you could put a thick (4 inches at least) layer of fresh compost down on the surface, as you would if you were following a 'no dig' method for growing veg. That will encourage the natural processes which break down all the poo and other stuff in the soil and make it safe more quickly while also giving you a 'clean' surface layer.

    I'd grow leafy veg or peas and beans - tall stuff in other words so that the edible parts won't be in contact with the soil much - in that bed and your salads and root veg somewhere else this year (most of those grow well in pots).
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    Thank you everyone. 
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    yet another £1 for me. 
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    you lot are so sad, its only a garden.
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    Petula W said:
    you lot are so sad, its only a garden.
    And thank you for your sparkling wit.
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    Petula - what a rude and stupid remark to make - the OP is growing veg - stuff you eat!!  
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