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Hi, looking at some of my cucumbers i have noticed they are starting to flower, which in my experience seems quite early (im in the south west uk btw). They arent even in their final pots yet and i still have them in the window right now. Should i be putting them outside now in their final pots so they can have something to grow up?


  • ChriscoreChriscore Posts: 152
    Btw they are f1 byblos
  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 17,262
    If you are in the south west, they should be OK to go in final pots outside or in an unheated greenhouse.
  • ChriscoreChriscore Posts: 152
    Thanks fidget bones, i got some pots that are 12'' across and around 9/10'' deep. Do you think this would be adequate space?

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