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Recommendation for a good organic feed for flowers in pots

I have been looking for a good organic feed for flowers in pots. I've got products that I use for my vegetables  and  A good organic liquid seaweed which I really like but that seems to create more general strength than actual flowers.

 I have been looking around and so far have found things specifically for roses and the odd thing for other specific flowers.

Can somebody please recommend something for general flowers in pots? my plants in the ground seem to do fine.

I have tried the comfrey pellets but to turn those into a liquid feed has always ended in my forgetting that the pellets are soaking and ending up with loads of bugs in it And generally I find that whole system to be really faffy.

 I found something called biochar not sure if that could be good? Also found a company that supply it in biodegradable cardboard boxes which is very positive. But not sure if it's good for flowers in pots that need a boost...

Thanks : )


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    Can't you brew the comfrey feed in something with a close-fitting lid, to keep the critters out?  I've never used comfrey pellets, being lucky enough to have space to grow my own and a spare fridge in the garage to store the pongy brew.  What's faffy about it?  Do they have to be turned into a liquid feed, wouldn't it do just to poke a pellet or two into the compost?

  • i use maxicrop organic (with seaweed added) for my potted flowers, in 15ltr containers. it has molasses in, which also makes for a good bacterial community in the light draining tub and basket compy. I know its for fruit, but the NPK is also tuned into flowering spec ie, P & K slightly higher than nitrogen.

    To get best benefit, i Ph my water down to Ph6.5, using nitric acid. This make the whole spectrum of the feed available to the plants, in temps above 18c in the soil medium. water above Ph8.5, locks out Phos, iron and manganese .  Ph below 5.5 (Quite acidic), locks out nitrogen(N), phosphorus(P), potassium (K) sulphur calcium >>> a soil Ph kit is very usefull for checking all is in the right range. Soil Ph'es can be adjusted.....

    as this chart shows.

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