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Blackbird nesting in garden shed, concern about environment for fledglings



  • undertheivy59undertheivy59 Rural North CornwallPosts: 9
    Thanks, that's reassuring. :) 
  • undertheivy59undertheivy59 Rural North CornwallPosts: 9
    edited June 2018
    Update on the Blackbirds, and it's all good news!  Mother Blackbird successfully raised 2 healthy chicks - there was a third but I think it died early on, and she removed it from the nest. The remaining two (both females) have fledged and are now feeding independently, occasionally with father or mother in close attendance.  Mother disappeared a few days ago.  Yesterday morning I went into the shed, which we had cleaned and tidied up a little since the family left, only to see her on the nest again.  So a second brood is in the making, and we are delighted. This time I shall feel less anxious as we know she and the fledglings coped perfectly well with the exit hole from the shed first time around.  Thanks again to those kind people here who offered advice and support when I was in a flap (pun intended) about the first brood. :) 
  • josusa47josusa47 Posts: 3,160
    So refreshing to read this, rather than the all too common posts of "I've got xxxxxx in my garden, how can I get rid of them?"
  • Rebecca110Rebecca110 Posts: 1,485
    I hope your chicks made it to safety.  Under the ivy it was good that you took those extra steps.  I wonder if mum will be back.
  • undertheivy59undertheivy59 Rural North CornwallPosts: 9
    Thanks, Josusa47, yes we need to encourage wildlife.  Get sick of seeing 'stuff' that kills spiders, flies, bees etc. We are all a part of the natural world, there is a delicate balance that needs to be kept and ignore that at our peril.  Rebecca110, mum is back (see post) and nesting happily.  Second brood! :)
  • My croquet club has a wooden pavilion type club house with quite low eaves. We have had swallows nesting in the equipment shed for some years but because we need to shut and lock the door they were discouraged from continuing to nest inside it when the shed was repaired. Now they have moved to under the low eaves. To protect them we cordon off the corner of the decking to prevent members from sitting underneath the nest and walking close to the nest. We can hear the fledglings calling so they will soon be flying the nest.
  • undertheivy59undertheivy59 Rural North CornwallPosts: 9
    So lovely that you have taken care to protect the swallows.  They nest in our barn-like car port, there are lots of wooden beams for them to make their nests on.  Sweet little things. 
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