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Plastic growhouses



  • Fire LilyFire Lily Posts: 296
    Why not build one out of old windows? Or make one out of an old loom like I did? They will last a lot longer than the plastic ones.
  • That is actually quite neat @Fire I may have a closer look at that, or similar.  When you said cold frame at first, I was thinking of those brick built longish ones that you see on GW and Beechgrove. I quite like the look of that, I could live with that as a permanent fixture. 

    @Fire Lily I actually considered that (briefly) as an option, but a combination of my diy skills and all that glass........things could get very messy, very quickly. haha
  • Bagpuss57Bagpuss57 Posts: 256
    Fire said:
    I have one of these greenhouses and got it in Aldi. It's great! It's given me more space for seedlings which means more  lovely things to go in the garden. I read on reviews that the wood might need to be protected each year like you would with furniture to make it last longer. My dad also made me a cold frame a while agonwith bits of wood and some thick plastic window. On GW not that long ago was piece about making your own. I'm sure you'll find it somewhere on the GW website too. 
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