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Washingtonia Robusta ?

Not so much of a problem so if the moderators wish to move this elsewhere then please do. 

I have a small palm which i bought as a washingtonia robusta. It may or may not be a washingtonia robusta but it seems to have 3 stems. Can anyone confirm it's a washingtonia robusta please? 

I read that these grow fast. Mine hasn't. It's grown a bit but not fast. Might that be because it has to grow 3 stems rather than 1 ? 

It's still in a pot. I am about to plant it into a larger pot. I thought i would give it 2 winters inside before planting it out. 

Here is my garden...Where is the best place to plant it?  I have added a compass to show which way it faces. 

Its on a slope like....

So...what's the best thing to do with it do you reckon? 
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