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How best to solve drainage problem?

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My front garden is a heavy clay soil that slopes towards one corner of the house. Currently lawned, in bad weather it floods, and is causing a damp issue in the property. It needs revamping and I'm considering all options (patio, gravel etc), but the main thing is to stop the flooding. I did try a french drain, which worked well for a couple of years but has clogged up. I'd like to know the most cost effective way to tackle this while creating a low maintenance garden.


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    Plants that like boggy conditions?  Bushes and shrubs will help to draw the moisture out quicker than grass.  
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  • As above. They may recommend digging a significant-sized sump, filled with sump crates and direct channels towards it. Not something that's easy to do yourself unless you're a bit of a machine. 
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    Plant a tree away from the house and create a bank to direct the water run off away from the house towards the tree. Grass is a poor absorber of heavy rainfall, especially on a clay subsoil
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    You need some soakaways I would think. If you get hold of a post auger, it's fairly easy to dig a series of 6" diameter holes without disturbing the surrounding soil. Fill with gravel and see how you go.  
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    Our drive drains towards the bungalow, got aco drains, also clay soil here.  or you could try a water garden.
  • I would dig a big hole, put a water butt in the hole, then a sump pump with float switch in the water butt. That is how i deal with the waste water from my pond filters. 
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