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Marigold disease... please help identify?

Hello, i'm just wondering if anyone knows what is going on with my marigold seedlings? the first leaves are all turning out like in the photo, I have checked the roots and they are white and the stem all the way down to the roots looks fine, there's no dampening off disease/rot on the stem at any point, does anyone know what this is? and can I buy a spray of some sort to save them? I don't want to bin them until I know they are beyond help. Any advice is much appreciated.


  • Joyce GoldenlilyJoyce Goldenlily Posts: 1,974
    It looks like mildew to me, There are sprays which will treat the problem but your plants are very small so may not recover. The leaves affected are the seed leaves so you may be lucky. The young seedlings may have been too damp so make sure you are not overwatering although the true leaves look fine.
  • LynLyn DevonPosts: 21,144
    I wouldn’t worry about that at all, they are the seed leaves, they’ll die and drop off anyway.  You can snip them off if you want too, they’ve done their job. 
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  • I thought mildew was sort of white and powdery looking? and i'm not sure it's something not sinister as i've noticed it has spread a little onto the true leaves on some so i'm thinking it's some sort of infection, been looking up diseases and it kind of looks like bacterial leaf spot/septoria? the odd thing is, it can't be seen on the underside of the leaves, the underside looks normal, i'd have thought it would be all the way through, it's puzzling me as the roots look healthy and the stems are fine all the way down.

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