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Hi, so I've just been strimming back this area at the end of my garden as it was covered in meter high weeds! I've chucked the weeds into an old unused pond which I plan to level with sand and put decking over. Any ideas what I can do with the larger area at the back, if I leave  just going to be constantly battling with the weeds that will grow back! Thank you 


  • Why don't you use this space to grow few easy vegetables?
    You could build 2/3 raised boxes (it does not have to be expensive, you could used old pallet wood), fill them with good compost and then lay some gravel around so the area stays free of weeds. 
  • Some nice shrubs / small trees with a weed lining and bark mulch around the base to keep the weeds at bay?
  • Have a look at those pictures, they have been taken from our London terrace house garden few years ago. Hopefully this will give you some ideas (we used some pallet wood as I suggested above). You could have a box dedicated to herbs, there are always useful for cooking (see picture number 3).

  • FireFire Posts: 17,338
    Why fill in the pond? They are wonderfully valuable things.
  • What do you like in a garden?Do you want easy maintenance. A theme or a "look". A tree. Afocal point?Flowers or fruit and veg?
    Does it get sun or shade?
    Do you need screening from neighbours?
    Difficult to give suggestions unless you have some idea what rocks your boat.
    Me I just love plants and would pack everything square inch.
  • Nanny BeachNanny Beach Posts: 8,586
    tessa, you FLOAT the boat, you dont rock it haha!!! That means the opposite,   I tlove, it it looks like a sunken garden, I love the fairies, I put little things like this in my garden.  yes, veg, good idea, you could get away without making raied beds, just inprove soil, or what about ground/weed cover, shingle, herbs.Oh, yes and keep the pond
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  • @Nanny Beach oops! Thanks for pointing that out. Grandkid induced fog is my excuse.
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