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Grass problems past year

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Hi all, my mum's garden has recently started showing a number of the attached plants/growths in a number of areas of the lawn.   Whilst the lawn has been neglected a little, I have a couple of questions. 
What are they? and how best to deal with them?
Will better treatment of the grass start eliminating them or at least prevent more?

Thanks in advance.


  • The_herpetologistThe_herpetologist Posts: 481
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    Yes, they look like sycamore seedlings. Is there a tree nearby?
    Only way to deal with them is to pull them, or if the tree is on your land, get rid.
  • It's a very built up area....we have numerous trees..and also garden backs on to a railway line.    Although we've never had them growing till recently and she's lived there years.
  • The_herpetologistThe_herpetologist Posts: 481
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    I recognise them because I have to deal with the little blighters myself every year. Some years are worse than others. Those that land and sprout on my lawn I just mow, those in borders I pull. It’s just part of my annual ritual now.
  • Brilliant, appreciate your help.   Would a better lawn lessen them....or will they just keep appearing?  
  • Nah, they’ll come anyway, whatever the state of your lawn. Just one of those things. I suspect the reason for the annual fluctuation in numbers is down to wind speed and direction. Some years they’ll just blow your way in vast numbers, other years you may be luckier.
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