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Selectively kill thornhedge


I have recently cut down a thorny hedge at the top of my garden. I do not know what type of plant it is exactly, but it has small leaves, small yellow flowers and thousands of small but very sharp thorns. The wood is bright yellow when I cut into it. 

Now that I have cut it down, I want to ensure that it does not grow back, and so I guess I need to kill the root system somehow. I have read that drilling holes into the stumps and injecting some 'stuff' you can get at the garden centre will kill it.

Now, the problem is that I have several fruit trees and other plants growing within 1-3 metres of the hedge and i'm worried that if I inject poison/hedge killer into the hedge's root system, I will also kill the fruit trees. 

I have considered just digging it up, but it was quite a large hedge and the roots have extended under the asphalt of our driveway.

So my question is: How can I safely kill the hedge while minimising disturbance to neighbouring plants and trees?

Thank you


  • Sounds like Berberis. If you cut off any new growth it should give up before very long.
  • HansEgedeHansEgede Posts: 3
    thanks Alan, (that was quick!)
    Yes, I just 'google imaged' berberis and that is exactly it. Ill watch out for new shoots and clip them off as I find them.
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