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Sooty Mould

I have an extensive infestation of what I think is sooty mould on rhododendrons and other plants in my garden. There are several mature Scots pine trees at one end and I initially thought that the black mould on the plants beneath them was due to resin or other excretions from the pines, but the mould is present on plants elsewhere in the garden and not beneath the pines. There are a lot of rhododendrons, some of which are mature and up to 4m high, so wiping individual leaves is not an option. I can't see any aphids, scale or whitefly, but it looks as if the black on the leaves is indeed sooty mould. I would welcome any advice about finding out what the insect causing the problem is, what to use to spray the plants with to eradicate them, and the best solution (I have seen detergent and warm water on the internet) to use in spray form to clean the leaves.


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