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Mountfield Mirage 18 Mower advice.

Hi there, I have just joined as I am seeking advice on my new (to me) mower. Picked it up for a price that made it "worth the risk" as I am fairly mechanically minded.

There are 3 problems with it & any help would be greatly appreciated, also does anyone know if it is possible to get repair manuals for these, I have an owners manual but that shows/tells pretty much nothing.

It starts well after a quick prime & ticks over nicely but the throttle doesn't really do very much. The cable turns a quadrant that operates the ignition cut out from here there is a rather long & weedy looking spring that doesn't actually open the butterfly valve for the carb, so I think there is something missing.

I managed to get the "drive" cable connected to the gearbox on the rear axle, the drive belt turns to it from the engine, but there is no drive from the gearbox. I have tried adjusting the cable but this made no difference, I am guessing there is probably a problem inside.

There is no cable to the clutch for the cutter drive & I have one on order, is this likely to be the only issue or are there other issues with this?


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