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Eucalyptus Tree

Majority of the leaves on my established Eucalytus tree have turned brown. I am concerned whether the cause is the harsh winter we had or some kind of disease. A shallow crack/crevice has also appeared on the trunk near ground level. Any help or advice would br appreciated. 


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  • sorry the pic is a bit on the large side
  • it is around 15 to 20 meters long
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    Do you know what type of eucalyptus? Some are more tender than others. We had one bad winter where a lot of leaves went brown and then dropped off. We thought we would lose it but it recovered.  If it all goes brown and the leaves drop, if you cut it down to about 2ft it will ususally sprout again from the bottom. You will have a multistemmed tree, but you could thin the new shoots out.
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  • I acquired it when we moved to our current house 18 months ago so don't know the history. I think it is the globulus variety as it has smooth trunk with long/narrow leaves. We had two/three episodes snow and winds this winter (beat from the east!!). So I think you are right frost and wind damage is likely. Thank you both Freddies Dad and fidgetnones - keeping fingers crossed that it recovers. 
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  • IanC63 the cracks are not deep and I haven’t noticed it swaying 
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