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Blueberries& dwarf plum& apple

Hi all, I've not had much success with blueberries, tiny yields, last year a large plant died in its first season , & now one of my 2looks as if it's going the same way, dying back, no flowers,the other has 4flowrrs&  doesn't look great either. I grow them in pots, in ericaceous compost, I treated all my pots for vine weevil ( mostly strawberries were affected) & topped up compost, popped in a bit of slow release food, I have watered with tap water sometimes , whatever am I doing wrong? The other thing is I have a dwarf plum tree in a large pot, it's it's 2nd year& the cherries I got at the same time are all flowering, not a bud on the plum or the apple, again I topped up the compost, put in slow release food& water regularly , any advice welcome Thankyou in advance


  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Posts: 82,788
    What are you treating with for vine weevil?  Provado mustn't be used on edible crops!  :open_mouth:
    or did you use nematodes?  :)
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  • Went to a U3A gardening talk recently and blueberries were mentioned. The suggestion was to use sulphur crystals in the pot which slowly break down and increase the acidity. The speaker said ericaceous compost wasn't sufficient. I top my pots up yearly with ericaceous and use ericaceous feed and rainwater as much as possible but they haven't done well either.
    I may try the sulphur.
  • rosemummyrosemummy Posts: 2,010
    Thankyou both, yes Dove, I used nematodes,(& I saw an adult vine weevil in my kitchen earlier! Eeek squashed it quick!)I really cannot keep blueberries alive! Any thoughts on the plum& apples having no blossom? X
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