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Diseased Apple Tree

Hi there,

I'm new to gardening - so please bear with me! We planted a new apple tree (James Grieve) in November and until now seemed fine, however the past 2 weeks the blossom and leaves are turning brown/black and falling off.. I have looked online and can't see anything that matches. 
Thought it might be Blossom End Wilt but it says online that it's not likely to travel from the ends more than a foot. However it is on EVERY bit of growth on the tree. Any ideas would be great - first ever tree planted and just knew something would go wrong!
I will upload pictures below.
Thank you!


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    It might be fire blight, if you're unlucky.  Have a look at this site which should help you decide whether that is indeed the problem:
    Other things to look for are physical damage to the bark on the main trunk which is restricting growth, a failed graft between trunk and rootstock, tree planted too deep or phytophthora root rot.  Whatever the problem is, it's not looking very happy. :/

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  • SkandiSkandi Posts: 1,674
    Have you been watering it? It does look a bit like it's dried up

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