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Hi, can you help me identify this plant?
it grows in costa rica - guanacaste.
thank you.


  • Carpinus caroliniana (American Hornbeam)
  • Thank you, in another forum I've been told it reminds elm (ulmus), what do you think?

  • It might be castanea sp., if anyone can confirm...
  • plant pauperplant pauper Posts: 6,234
    It isn't. It's Carpinus caroliniana (American Hornbeam).
  • on another forum someone suggested that it's "Not Carpinus sp. - look at the dentations/serrations on the leaf margin. The unknown has very regular dentations. Carpinus sp. is nothing if not possessed of the most ragged edged irregular serrulations - or some term like that." and thought it might be Castanea sp.
    another suggestion was that it might be Dillenia indica 

    it seems that the leafs match Dillenia indica.
  • Yes, on second thoughts Dillenia indica is a good call. It isn't commonly found in Central / South America though. I thought Dillenia was more of an Asian shrub?
  • Thank you for your response.
  • many of the plants here were planted and are not originally from costa rica. 
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