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What to do with a clematis getting too tall for its support?

CraighBCraighB Posts: 752
Hi guys,

I have a clematis growing up a wigwam and this year it's gone a bit mad and it's still growing way past the top so what do I do with it? The stems are all waving about high above the wigwam so do I chop them off or train them downwards?

Thanks :)


  • Beaus MumBeaus Mum Posts: 3,550
    I would train downwards or put another wigwam next to it 😊
  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 29,829
    Untie as much as you can and retrain them as horizontally as possible round your wigwam.   That way you will encourage extra flowers to form.

    That will give you time to consider a better support that it won't outgrow - pergola, arch, bigger obelisk.........
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  • FairygirlFairygirl Posts: 54,350
    An average wigwam of canes or similar is rarely big enough for clematis, unless you're very vigilant about training them round and round - like a helter skelter. Even then - most will get too big.
    Some of the 'dwarf' types bred for pot growing are about the only ones that would be suitable for an obelisk or wigwam. 
    As already mentioned, training new growth round and down or installing some extra support nearby is probably the best solution for this year, then rethink for next year.
    Training horizontally gives you more scope for a better display too   :)
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  • CraighBCraighB Posts: 752
    Thanks for the advice guys :)

    Well this was supposed to be a small one only growing to around 2 meters max and in the past 2 years it has barely reached the top of the wigwam hence why I thought it would be ok.

    Well this year it has shot up like I don't know what! Yet the other clematis I have which is supposed to be a lot taller hasn't done much at all!

    I have just untangled them and retrained them as best as I can. I will remember this for next year though :)
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