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i recently bought a few chilli plants and they are growing great! But my pretty purple plant has developed a cluster of buds... I have shoots coming out of the stem but I don’t want the plant to focus on the buds and not the growth... any recommendations? Should I leave them? Should I pick them off?


  • siananiganssiananigans Posts: 49
    We've grown lots of chilli over the past few years... If you want them to fill out a bit first before flowering and ultimately fruiting, just nip off the buds. Once you're happy with the plant you can let it flower and fruit :) 
  • Jamie DJayJamie DJay Posts: 62
    If I post a pic of the plants would you mind giving your opinion?
  • Jamie DJayJamie DJay Posts: 62

  • Jamie DJayJamie DJay Posts: 62
    The top 1 is the pretty purple, at the top of the plant are the buds... the rest I posted just for an opinion of how they look
  • Pete.8Pete.8 Posts: 9,958
    Hi Jamie - some good looking chili plants you have there.
    You really want them to start doing their stuff now we're in late spring.
    They're going to need bigger pots and lots and lots of sunshine and warmth outdoors.
    Do you have a greenhouse or somewhere that faces south and gets a lot of sun in your garden? if so that's where they need to be.
    You can start to harden them off now by leaving them outside on sunny days (small pots will dry out in no time in the sun) and bring them in at night.
    Start to feed them with tomato food (Tomorite etc) every 7-10 days when the flowers start to open. Seaweed extract once every 7-10 days too will also be good for them.
    I grow them in 5L or 7.5L pots in my greenhouse, but they do well on a sunny patio too

    Superchili on my patio a couple of years ago

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