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Hi is anyone thinking of taking part in the University of Sheffield and National Allotment Association research which will estimate total own grown fruit and veg production across UK?
Details on if you want to panticipate.


  • ninnin Posts: 216
    Sounds interesting 🐞
  • plant pauperplant pauper Posts: 6,234
    I've made your link live.  :)
    Not live, live!  

  • Thanks a lot. Will be interesting to take part. I need to get measuring my plot sizes. Not too much of a problem recording yields as I do that anyway.
  • My Harvest  have just published interim results as the logging of harvests continues to March 2019.
    800 growers submitted 10000 harvests weighing 35 tonnes. 59%organic 41%non organic
    58%allotment 41%garden 1%other
    3000 growing spaces equivalent  to 60 tennis courts 
    Largest crops so far:Potatoes 5.4 tonnes, Broad beans 1.6t,  Apples 2.1t, Tomato 1.7t and Courgettes  3.8t. 
  • vjwukvjwuk Posts: 30


    I done it last year (paper version) I am just waiting for the envelope to arrive to post it back in to the lady.  It was really well set out and easy to do, as I keep an allotment diary anyway I don't need to keep a copy but they do send it back if you want which can be really helpful for future ref.

  • Hi @vjwuk nice to hear from someone  else involved. 
  • vjwukvjwuk Posts: 30

    :) Hi tessagardenbarmy

    yes it is all sent off now, it was good hope we get some feedback

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