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Acer Palmatum thin foliage query

jamesharcourtjamesharcourt Posts: 465
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We have a recently-moved 8ft 10 year old Acer Palmatum which has thankfully survived the winter move and leafed, but the foliage is thin despite being fairly even — there are a few deadwood branches in there.

My question is about the buds that burst ... would the leaves that grew from those buds be ‘it’ for the year or do new shoots come from those buds with more leaves on ?  

I guess I’m asking ‘could there be more leaves and from foliage from now until Autumn’??


  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 29,144
    Leave it till the end of May or mid June and then cut out all teh dead bits going back to healthy leaf nodes.  Waiting this way you will avoid bleeding of the sap.

    Give it some seaweed feed or other feed for leafy plants and it should, all things being equal, grow new stems and foliage.   Keep it watered but not drowning and apply feeds till mid July.  That will give new growth time to ripen before the frosts start again.
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