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Can anyone help us identify this plant?

If possible we need to try and find out what this plant. It’s caused skin reactions on a couple of us as a re-enactment event and we need to try and identify it so we know what It is to avoid in the future. 

A major reaction caused our youngest who came out in horrible rash across her neck and face; along with sever itchiness to go home. An antihistamine only seemed to reduce the redness of the rash and only a cold shower later seemed to help get rid of the majority of the reaction.  Other reactions although smaller seemed to happen within a few minutes of brushing against the plant.  

The clearest image is where it’s being held.

We we would appreciate any help you can give us!  


  • nutcutletnutcutlet Posts: 27,415
    Looks like a Cotoneaster of some sort. Not a common irritant though anyone can be allergic to anything. 

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  • Pete.8Pete.8 Posts: 11,286
    I was interested to read this one and had a google, as you do, and found that cotoneaster can cause hives. Came as a surprise to be, I've got a few varieties in my garden, but never had and irritation from them when summer trimming them.
    A list here of plants that can cause problems

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  • I’ve jut been updated to a total of five being caught by it. It seems that depending on where it’s touched the reaction is either greater or lesser! 
  • plant pauperplant pauper Posts: 6,904
    Really? Good old cotoneaster? Who knew?!?!
  • AnniDAnniD Posts: 12,454
    You learn something new every day! I thought "Looks like cotoneaster, but it can't be". 
  • DampGardenManDampGardenMan Posts: 1,054
    AnniD said:
    You learn something new every day! I thought "Looks like cotoneaster, but it can't be". 
  • Lily PillyLily Pilly Posts: 3,845
    I am allergic to a few plants but I never knew about cotoneaster! Really surprised.
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