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Hi folks. 

Last year i had my lawn looking really good. I’ve come to give it some attention today for the first time and noticed it was very mossy. 

Ive raked a lot of it out (as you can see) and now I need to bring it back to glory. What’s the best thing to do? Do I:

A: Dress it over with some top soil and seed?
B: Dose it up with one of these all-in-one products?
C: Feed the grass with a lawn feeder?



  • Nigel SNigel S Posts: 5
    I bought a 3 in 1 'Weed, Feed & Moss Killer' from Aldi and did mine early April. Ground has to be damp without the threat of rain for a few days. Worked a treat. Moss blackens off and I raked it out. Grass hasn't replaced moss yet, but, I'm pretty sure it will.
  • Pauline 7Pauline 7 Posts: 2,214
    I over seed mine every year. 
    West Yorkshire
  • StevedaylillyStevedaylilly Posts: 1,087
    I would look at the reason for the moss. It looks from the photo that the shrub to the RH side could be causing drip effects to the lawn so I would prune back do it does not encroach over the lawn. I would apply a feed, weed and moss killer and remove the moss once dead. I would then aereate the lawn with a fork, particularly the effected areas and the top dress some sieved soil with sharp sand. Then re-seed the area and keep it regularly watered. Within 10 days you should start seeing new growth. 
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