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louisxivlouisxiv Posts: 26
Hi there. I have a large (8 foot) Viburnum in my garden that is out of control. It's huge and it has been seriously damaged by frost during this year's storms. Can anyone advise as to what's best to do? I'm wary of cutting it back as the leaves seem to be at the end of rather large stalks, but can't really leave it as is. If I cut it back will it defoliate and recover? TIA for any advice. MA.


  • louisxivlouisxiv Posts: 26
    Sorry, meant to attach these.

  • louisxivlouisxiv Posts: 26
    Third time lucky! I meant 'will it refoliate and recover'. M
  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,699
    Louisxiv, do you know which Viburnum you have? Unfortuntely, I can't work out which one even with both photos. I'm guessing it's Viburnum Tinus?

    The top photo looks like possible wind or cold weather damage, and you will need to prune back. There will be a period of barren twigs, but they will recover. Once you have pruned it back, you will stimulate new growth. It might be a good idea to also prune back the healthy branches surrounding the area. This is in case there are damaged branches that don't rejuvenate, the branches around it, once pruned back a bit, will grow over that bare patch and hide and cover that area eventually.
  • NollieNollie Posts: 7,053
    I inherited two very overgrown monster viburnums about that size with my new house. They were very leggy because the tops were vying for light, so bare stems underneath. They were totally taking over and crowding out nearby shrubs, so I chopped them back to a third of their size around this time last year, when they were growing strongly. I admit I had no idea what I was doing but they grew well from the base and within a few months they were very leafy and full - due another chop soon as they are taking over again. So I agree with borderline, they will recover and some!
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  • louisxivlouisxiv Posts: 26
    Thanks Borderline, Nollie. They're currently flowering so I figure I should wait until after they're done with that? I'll then go for it with the loppers, cut them down to 1/3 size. Does that sound like a sensible plan? P;ease feel free to correct!
  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,699
    That sound like a very sensible plan. You can prune them back now or later on if it suits you better.
  • louisxivlouisxiv Posts: 26
    Thanks Borderline. I'll get stuck in soon!
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