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ericaseous compost in alkaline soil

deswalshdeswalsh Posts: 43
I will shortly be acquiring some Osteosprmum which I understand will grow to circa. 40cm and are suitable for both soil types.
 My soil is alkaline although I have an abundance of ericaseous compost and wondered if it would be suitable to use as I am unsure how deep the roots will grow to and was concerned that the roots might,having started in ericaseous compost,not then suddenly adapt to the alkaline soil.


  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 17,580
    If you are wanting to get rid of it, mixing the ericaceous compost into your alkaline soil will make some thing nearer to neutral. The osteospermum should be OK in that.  Mix the two well together, so that the new plant is not sat in a little pocket. The roots of osteospermum easily fill a six inch pot, so aim for an area to plant in that is twice that size in depth and width.
  • deswalshdeswalsh Posts: 43
    Many thanks for your advice
  • IamweedyIamweedy Posts: 1,364
    I have limed a small patch of the acidic soil in my garden and for the first time successfully grown Aubretia. It used to just look poorly and disappeared.  
    Rhododendrons  grow well though.

    'You must have some bread with it me duck!'

  • deswalshdeswalsh Posts: 43
    Thanks for the tip
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