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Red robin -looks strange

bigpaparinibigpaparini Posts: 34
hi everyone ! I bought this yesterday at a local nursery .  I’v now planted it up with some new compost but I’m now thinking it looks a bit lost and floppy  and maybe I should have just planted in a pot? 


  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,700
    As long as there are strong roots, which you should see when tipping out from the pot, they will soon establish in time. No need to re-pot these shrubs at this time of year. Some plants take a while to establish in their new surroungings, especially if grown in protected areas like indoors or under cover for a while.
  • bigpaparinibigpaparini Posts: 34
    Thanks very much . I think I just loose confidence planting anything straight to the soil. The roots did look good so I’ll just be patient and see what it does. 
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