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Ceanothus "Puget Blue"

Dave115Dave115 Posts: 25
I have a Ceanothus Puget Blue which I planted against a south facing wall in well drained soil,perfect conditions.So much so that it has grown to about six feet and obscures a window. I read it doesn`t respond well to pruning and I am loathe to remove it altogether.
Will it recover if I transplant it to a still south facing site and cultivate it as a tree ?


  • Pete.8Pete.8 Posts: 10,277
    I have a Puget Blue that I planted in the wrong position. It got to about 8ft, and was too big to transplant. About 18 mths ago I cut the whole thing back to about 2ft leaving a stump and a single side branch hoping I can get some cuttings before removing it. The single branch has grown well, is healthy and now smothered in flowers. 
    So you may be able to prune it if that's your preferred option.
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  • Dave115Dave115 Posts: 25
    Thanks for that,Lantana and Pete, not so fearful of a moderate prune once it has flowered which looks like any time now.(Bit later up here in Scotland!)
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