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Quartzite grit deters slugs and snails?

paulwmileypaulwmiley Posts: 5
Hi. I'm new here.

We have a small garden with quite a few potted plants. In the evenings I usually pop out to pick slugs and snails off the plants/pots. I hate killing anything so I don't use pellets. However, I potted up a dwarf palm recently plus I repotted some healthy looking nemesias that had somehow overwintered. On top of the fresh compost for each pot I added a layer of RHS Horticultural lime free and washed quartzite grit. So far (touch wood) over the last three weeks I haven't found any slugs/snails on these pots. Is this just luck or coincidence do you think? 




  • DampGardenManDampGardenMan Posts: 1,054
    edited May 2018
    Ah, little do you know what you've started ;)

    I probably should have said that there's a long discussion on the various methods of defeating our molluscan friends going on here.
  • paulwmileypaulwmiley Posts: 5
    OK! Thanks for the link. Just going to wander over there now to investigate!

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