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Star Jasmine Trachelospermum, can it be saved

After a much colder winter than normal this is the result of my beautiful star jasmine,  I have left it alone but even with the warmer weather its not showing much signs of life.  Should I cut it back or is it a goner!!:'( :'(:'(


  • TopbirdTopbird Posts: 7,713
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    My TJ looks like that too!

    I had a new fence put in last autumn and had to cut my (previously) thriving TJ down to about 12" in October :'( Then I had to accept that the landscaper was going to walk over the soil in which the JT is planted and compact it all :'(:'( . Then we had one of the coldest and longest winters in recent years... :'(:'(:'(

    That is why my TJ looks a lot like yours - only much shorter.

    I'd resigned myself to replacing it but yesterday I gently scraped a little of the bark in a couple of places and it is still green under there - so I'm hoping it has survived.

    Suggest you do the scraping test too in a few spots. It may be that the top growth is dead and needs to be cut off - but it may still be ok lower down - depends how cold and wet and wind damaged it got really. They're not the hardiest of plants but mine has been in situ for 5 years and had done very well - so I won't give up on it just yet.

    Good luck with yours 
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  • Rose121Rose121 Posts: 132
    Mine has only very recently started showing signs of life in the south East. If you're further north, might be whether waiting a little longer.
  • Many thanks. I also am in the south east, so will leave it a while longer especially as the weather is now getting warmer and sunnier.

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