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Would it work with a Gerbera

I have had this lovely red gerbera three years, coming up to its fourth season. The flowers are not as tall as they were and I fear it’s on its last season.
could I revive it by cutting off its flower buds and splitting it up into probably six pieces.
growing on to clumps. Has anyone any tips about gerbera propagation. I would think they are like splitting a primrose. Anyone tried it please. Valerie


  • plant pauperplant pauper Posts: 6,234
    If it's on it's last legs, or close to, it will go anyway and you'll always wonder. Will you regret trying it or regret not...? 
  • You are so right. Now I need tips for when I pull it apart and try to rejuvenate it. I know it likes sandy soil. Thanks Valerie 
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