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New to gardening - need some advice on a lawn!

Hi everyone,

I've lived in a flat all my life and now have a garden. 
There is a part of the garden that is a different level that was used for kids stuff that was not grassed. The grassed area seems to be very uneven and full of moss and weeds, and looks quite compacted.

I would like to combine both parts of the garden and flatten it out.

Therefore, I'm wondering what the best approach to it would be?
Whether it's worth digging the top over, taking out the big weeds, adding some topsoil then plant grass seed, or just level out the higher bits and the divots then use weedkiller on the existing grass, then put down some grass seed?

Also, do I need to think about drainage?

Thanks in advance :smile:


  • Dave HumbyDave Humby Posts: 1,142
    Welcome to the forum. Can you upload a couple of pictures? That would help in giving advice.
  • themistralthemistral Posts: 5
    Hi Dave,

    Yep I will sort out this afternoon!
  • themistralthemistral Posts: 5
  • themistralthemistral Posts: 5
    As a thought, what about if I levelled everything out by just adding a layer of topsoil then planting the grass seed?
  • Dave HumbyDave Humby Posts: 1,142
    When you say one level Mistral do you mean losing the back border and making that area lawn as well at the same level of the existing lawn?

    You've got some quite lush growth in places so you should be able to sustain a decent lawn. I wonder if the central area is where the trampoline was as this area with a lack of growth seems somewhat trampoline shaped.

    You need to address the weeds first, especially the tap-rooted dandelions. Either dig them out (make sure you get ALL the root) or apply a weedkiller and leave for a week or so. I would be tempted to hire a small rotavator and turn over the whole area then do the same with the border area and level off by raking and heeling it in and repeat and repeat so you get a nice level finish. Apply the grass seed and keep it moist with a fine spray for the first month. We're (hopefully) coming to a dry period now so not ideal timing but you should be OK or leave it till late summer / early autumn. Looks like you have a few puddles there. I don't know if you took the pics shortly after a downfall or if the ground is generally wet. That might indicate compacted ground or clay or just saturated ground. Rotovating will help that but if it's really wet you might want to think about addressing the drainage. 

    On the main GW website (click on the logo top left of the forum pages) and you will find several articles on preparing ground for turfing / seeding. 

    Good luck 
  • themistralthemistral Posts: 5
    Thank you so much for your advice! It's a real help on how to get started!
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