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Mulch for blueberries

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I’ve mulched my gooseberries and raspberries but was wondering what I should mulch my blueberries with? They are 2 year old bare roots and have grown quite  a bit since I planted them a couple of months ago.  They’re potted in ericaceous compost with 4 months feed already in.

They’re in pots…

I know I need to mulch them as their roots are shallow and mulch is also good for moisture retention.  Im watering them with rainwater too.

Would pine bark chippings be okay or should I go for wood chip?

I visited  a garden  centre and they had mini wood chips on their potted blueberries .

Any ideas and tips on growing blueberries in general most appreciated?....


  • Blue OnionBlue Onion Posts: 2,968
    You could mulch them with more ericaceous compost.. or pine bark chippings work fine too. 
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  • raisingirlraisingirl Posts: 6,902
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    I use bark chippings. You need to feed them as well though - I use one sold for azaleas when they start to flower. I think they must be greedier than most ericaceous plants - the food in the compost doesn't seem to be enough
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  • TraTra Posts: 38


    Thanks Blue Onion and Raisingirl,

    This is really helpful

    The feed I potted my blues in contained 4 months feed so I shan’t feed until later in the season of next year unless they really need it. I shall try the bark chippings but I see that if I did need to feed the blues I would need to scrape the chippings this aside.

    I shall get a specialist ericaceous feed, the one raisin girl uses, especially for acid loving plants!

    Really helpful – much thanks!

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