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Solanum laxum and cats?

Hello there!  I have a potato vine (Solanum laxum) in my yard near where my cat enjoys his sunny afternoons.  I've been reading up on this vine to make sure it's ok for him to be near and i'm getting conflicting information so I was hoping for some clarification.  

Some sites are saying this plant is a huge no no - the berries will be extremely harmful to him.  Other sites don't even list this plant on their toxic list (ASPCA) - or i'm not recognizing it under a different name.  I am 100% sure on what type of vine this is (this is NOT a sweet potato vine which is what i'm seeing most literature in)

I have only had this plant in my garden for a year and did not see any berries after the flowers were done... so does this mean the plant is safe then or did i just get lucky?  (any ideas on a climbing plant that would look great, grow big (10x10 is their "leased" space hehe), full and 100% worry free for my feline would be helpful! - i live in the PNW) 


  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Central Norfolk UKPosts: 82,286
    My personal opinion, based on over 60 years of owning and knowing cats, is that unless your cat makes a habit of eating fruit from vine plants I wouldn't worry. 

    The countryside is full of plants and fungi that would be toxic to our pets, if they ate enough of them. 

    Grapes are toxic to dogs but every vineyard owner I know, (and I do know a few, even in England) has at least one dog and none of them have been poisoned by eating grapes ... yet dogs are much more likely to eat fruit than a cat is.  My dogs regularly ate blackberries and strawberries. 

    My understanding of Solanum laxum is that if a cat ate a few of the berries they would have an hallucinogenic effect and the cat would be a bit spaced out for a while.  It would take quite a few to have a serious effect and as cats rarely eat green plants and fruit (other than grass) a cat is very unlikely to eat enough to cause a problem. 
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