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Solar Pump for waterfall

Has anyone got any experience of using a solar pump. I am planning to put a little header pool above a pond, and getting electricity down there is a bit of a non-starter, so I was thinking of using a solar pump to feed the header pool which will have a little waterfall to the lower pond. 

It only needs to raise it about 1-2ft ft and travel about 6ft max. Has anybody got any experience/recommendations of them? Have been looking at:

PondXpert SolarShower 800 With Battery & LED
1,200LPH Solar Water Pump Kit with LED Lights by Solaray
1550LPH with LED lights and Battery Back Up by Solaray

but all the reviews seem to flit between, theyre useless, and theyre great. 

I dont want a torrent of water, just a reasonable trickle, and a battery backup ideally for after the sun has gone down


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