Article on growing nerines

ambodachambodach Posts: 18
I do take it that when this article says that N. Bowdenii only grows successfully in the warmer parts of the country, that implies southern England. Sadly for you, too many of you 'article authors', live in the south of England and you make your judgements based on that.  N. Bowdenii grows very happily in the central belt of Scotland - yes, I know that is a long way away for you southerners - and also for me 'full sun' and 'poor soil' don't seem to be a criteria either.  Further I do know others around me who grow them.

I suspect that too often articles of this type are just a regurgitation of previous writings without adequate research.  There is a danger that inaccurate writings like this do cast doubt on the accuracy of all other guidance articles.  


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