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AlisonjayneAlisonjayne Posts: 111
I have only just discovered Senetti!
I am a very new gardener but an enthusiastic one :)
I was browsing B&Q today when I came across the most vibrant purple Senetti, it was stunning and call me daft if you like, it actually made me quite emotional just looking at how beautiful it was.
It was quite expensive at £10 for a large plant but I was very tempted. The only thing putting me off was I read later online that it is classed as an annual due to its dislike of frost so can't see myself paying that much when it won't last?
Must stop buying more plants, repeat, must stop buying....


  • Torg22Torg22 Posts: 302
    I have had senetti numerous times before that i have bought from a garden centre and I agree they are very attractive but do indeed die over winter. £10 seems a tad steep. Think I recall paying £6 - £8 for large plants previously..
  • Janet523Janet523 Posts: 18
    I bought three large beautiful Senetti's last week all vibrant colours for half that price from a competitor.
  • FireFire Posts: 17,398
    I think they are often sold as summer bedding...
  • PurplerainPurplerain Posts: 1,053
    edited April 2018
    I have often seen them grouped at the front of garden centres in the middle of May at discount prices to get rid of them. 

    That doesn't make them any less attractive, but they are annuals in the UK.
    SW Scotland
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