Help me identify these plants

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Dear forum members, 

My first post, I hope it is not going to be a very lame one.

Moved into a new property with a somewhat established garden. There are number of plants I am struggling to identify. I really appreciate if you suggest what they might be and how they need to be treated.

1) Below can be found in number of flower beds and tidied up and left by the gardener. They are happily growing up, no signs of flowers yet. Can you name this one for me ?

2) This guy is growing eagerly where a number of other perennials planted. It this anything good or is it to be removed ?

3) I've got this one also growing happily, beautiful little flowers can you tell me what it is if you recognise it ?

4) Somewhat similar to above number 2. Not sure if they are the same, I have many small ones around the vegetables, are these going to turn into something useful or should I remove them ?

5) Finally, these onions, which we love to cut a few for the salads; some little bulbs starting to appear on the top. My intuition is to trim them but please feel free to suggest otherwise.

Many thanks,



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    Picture 1 could be Astrantia leaves. Picture 3 possibly Berberis Thunbergii, and picture 5 looks like Chives. Those heads will flower soon. Picture 4 looks like a possible weed but can’t be sure. 
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    Or #1 geranium 
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    Bottom ones chives, please don’t cut the flowers off the bees love them and you can also eat them on your salads.
    top one could be geranium. It’s like Astrantia, but I get muddled up with those and Aconitum, all very similar. Whichever it is, it’s not a weed and will be beautiful. 

    The other 2 are the same, Persicaria. I’m no good at which species though.

    edited to add, nothing like my Aconitum so not that😀
    Gardening on the wild, windy west side of Dartmoor. 

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    No 1 Geranium
    No 2 Persicaria
    No 3 Berberis
    No 4 as no 2
    No 5 Chives
    East Anglia
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    Thanks for all the responses, so good to know that there are so many fellow gardeners available to help :)

    So what is your recommendation re: Persicaria ? I feel like I better get rid of them, unless you suggest otherwise ?

    Thanks again.
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